It’s no secret that I have always believed the best thing about sharing your book forward is that a book is in no way diminished by having been read a previous time. (I think it makes it more special in fact). But I think on three levels KBB is committed to Libraries beyond just the opportunity to read and learn for communities that might find that harder to do.

1. Crossing the energy barrier: In a time where electricity may still be facing power cuts and electricity bills being foremost on the mind, libraries give you something to satisfy your curiosity when the computers aren’t on, the phones aren’t charged and the Wi-Fi bill isn’t pending.

Awareness: Reading allows you to develop a great pattern of ultra focus while also unwinding. This could not be crucial than now when digital, social media and intrusive ads are penetrating everyone’s subconscious giving us no time to zone out or unwind. Reading before bed has long been a part of my going to bed routine. The Libraries make this possible and more importantly make people aware of this, encouraging, nudging or just being there as an option for curious minds. Libraries also create awareness about a lot of other aspects and awareness of the world around is as important as the awareness within. We try and include an encyclopaedia or books about the planet in all our projects so more students become aware of the state of the world and care more about themselves, their neighbour and their planet.

Sustainable: lastly, reuse, reduce, recycle is the core mantra of a good library. A single copy for 100s of readers reduces the carbon footprint of all those readers. In a world where people are so easily buying fast fashion and props for social media posts, the library reduces the clutter, reduces the number of copies printed and reduces the cost of knowledge, making the world a more equal place.

So the next time you are done with your book, don’t hide it in a bookshelf never to be touched again. Loan it to a friend, a neighbour, give it to a stranger on the bus or the library next door. And if you can find anyone else, call us on +919821897273 and we will find a home for it! 📖💖🌏

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