Amplifying The Good Harvest School: AN AGRI-BASED PRIMARY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS

The Good Harvest School Website

A girls’ school in a village focused to give exceptional educational opportunities for the less fortunate. The aim is to transform the current education system in villages. Clearly they have different visions for a girl born in a city and a farmer’s daughter in a village. At The Good Harvest School, an all-girls’ environment provides a wonderful opportunity for girls to explore who they are as young women without social pressure. They seek to establish strong bonds of connections between the girls, to open up and share their feelings and empathize with one another. They offer a comfortable learning atmosphere with strong female role models as their positive mentors, equipping their students to adapt to the ever changing demands of the world.

The Good Harvest School introduces agriculture in classrooms and promotes sustainable green education without any monetary benefits from its students.


The aim at the school is not to let fees come between village girls and good education. They intend to give their students the same opportunity as that of upper middle-class city children.


In villages, a father spends marginally less time with his children, raising children is a mother’s role. On the other hand, it is a mother who passes on most of the gender inequalities among her children. They believe it is important for us to address such issues.


One of the many ways they plan to serve the community is by organising social gatherings at the school premises. Farmers’ meet, open library for all, movie screening are some of the initiatives school will host on a regular basis. PS this library was set up by Kyra’s Book Bank.


Ashita Nath:

“My dream is to give my students opportunities they deserve. I want them to question, lead, achieve and succeed. With the support of teachers and staff members at The Good Harvest School, I want them to raise their own expectations about their capabilities – in the classroom, on the stage, on the playing field and within or outside the community.” Ashita Nath

Malini Singh

“An all girls’ environment provides a wonderful opportunity for girls to explore who they are as young women without social pressure. At, The Good Harvest School, I want to nurture friendship among them so that they stand with each other against all evils of the society.” Malini Singh

Preety Thapa

“My goal is to help all of our students develop and cultivate a lifelong love of learning. I want to make learning both fun and challenging, and want to focus on an all round development of a child—mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.” Preety Thapa

Rimjhim Tandon

“Our current education system is nothing but a complex puzzle. We focus more on attendance and less on quality of education. If we have positive learning environment, children will be active at school. That’s why, at The Good Harvest School, we are building a teacher-student structure much like a cog.” Rimjhim Tondon

Nidhi Arora

“A girl needs at least 12 years of quality education to do well at home, at work and in her community. If half the population in India is dropping out before secondary education how can we rise as a nation? The Good Harvest School is a small, yet effective effort to bring a positive change in the lives of our girl.” Nidhi Arora