When you want to do good, opportunity presents itself!

I have always been a firm believer of doing things myself and getting them done. life is a series of getting things done, my mother tells me.

Over the past week or ten days I have had so many opportunities for Share that have opened up that is feels like a sign that the universe is blessing the official registration of Kyra’s Book Bank as an NGO under Section 8.

A couple of weeks back, Suraj Sir, who helped me do a Robotics project in Dharavi reached out asking for desks and chairs for Habeeb Raza Primary Schools. This was a daunting ask because I have only ever done books and stationery type supplies. but it seemed perfect for our larger Share initiative which basically is based on the fact that there is plants in the world for everyone, we just have to reallocate resources and share the surplus.

I reached out to the management of Arya Vidya Mandir group of schools because I knew they were renovating their schools and classrooms. Mr Ashok Malhotra the Hon Secretary was so gracious and generous and has helped us with our due diligence and donated 25 computer desks ans chairs for the use by the secondary students of the school. these will go along with 400 books from Kyra’s Book Bank.

If we share our surplus, I truly believe we will reduce someone else’s deficit – 🙂 and yes, I just started economics in school and love it. I apply it to KBB all the time.

I thank AVM group of schools, Suraj sir of Reality Gives and Mr Khalid from the Habeeb Raza Primary school for their time, generosity and commitment to education. They make the world a better place.

Visiting the school prior to the collection drive

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