The Joy of Reading

Kyra and the Book Bank

Kyra has started a book bank. She is collecting books your kids have read, notebooks they aren’t using (and probably never will) and sharing them with crèches and schools that need them to help build libraries for these institutions. If you got books, we got boxes….


Our first project was the Gift of Books and the Library Project at Punyatma Prabhakar Samaj Sewa Mandal’s 2 schools.Anusuyatmaj Matimand Nivasi VidyalayaIndira Bharati Karn Badhir Nivasi VidyalayaWe will be collecting books for children up to the ages of 8 in English. If you have Hindi or Marathi books you can share books till the age of 14.Types of BooksReading BooksColouring BooksPicture and Touch and Feel BooksWe will also be collecting for the Toy Room:Board GamesStuffed ToysCraftColouring MaterialPuzzles and Building ToysOutdoor Games

Please share your books and toys separated into the type they areColouring Material should be in boxes and neatly sealedPlease share a list of what all you are giving us so we can post it on our page as well with the name of the child.Gift of Reading: Gifting each child a book for them personally. This doesn’t go into the institute’s libraryLibrary Project: The collection of books for the school library. Children can read at the library or borrow from there.Toy Room Initiative: Outdoor games gear (cricket, footbal, badminton etc) board games for the less active and for the monsoons and other toys for the institute to keep the children engaged in a fun way. We will also collect stuffed toys for Gift a Friend .We will be posting pictures of our visits and will try and post some of the libraries